The event of something arriving damaged is extremely slim however on rare occasion accidents do happen.

If your item arrived damaged please take the following steps:

  1. Make Notes: Make sure to notate and describe the damage on the delivery paperwork that you are given by the delivery team.
  2. Accept Delivery: Please sign for your delivery
  3. Pictures: Please take a picture of the serial number/label on the box. Please take a picture of the box (before unpacking your items) if there is damage to it. Finally please take a picture of the area that is damaged on the item itself. Please take both close up and zoomed out pictures to expedite our claims process. 
  4. Contact Us: Click here to contact us. The fastest and easiest way to get a resolution is to fill out the contact form and upload your images of the damaged items. 
  5. Resolution: Once we hear from you we will rush to action to review the claim and get back to you right away with a resolution.